Disputing Undue Influence And Other Will Issues

Suspecting that your loved one was a victim of undue influence or that they were making changes to their will without truly understanding their actions is highly distressing.

If you have reason to believe that someone interfered with your loved one’s wishes for their estate — especially when the financial consequences of that change are significant — this is a valid reason to seek legal counsel.

Contesting a will, especially one that has questionable validity, is not disrespecting your loved one’s memory; it is often a necessary legal step.

Grabowski Law Offices, LLC, has spent over 35 years resolving estate and trust conflicts. We help you plan for effective legal action and navigate the complex and intentional emotions involved in will contests. At your first consultation, we will review your case in-depth.

Do You Suspect Manipulation Or Incapacity?

Many people ask our attorney at the office how to tell if they have legal standing to contest a will. Every case is different, and the only way to truly know if you have a case is to speak with an attorney. However, there are some common signs that contesting a will may be necessary, such as:

  • Your loved one’s will was changed suddenly or while they were in an elder care facility.
  • The terms of your loved one’s will are contrary to their expressed wishes.
  • A named beneficiary was with your loved one at the time their will was created.

Our attorneys are happy to sit down with you and speak about your situation in detail. We can review your loved one’s will for signs that a legal contest is necessary. Moreover, we will do so with great respect for your emotional state and your loved one’s memory.

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