Effective Shareholder, Partnership And Membership Dispute Resolution

Many business partners, shareholders and LLC members set out with a shared vision of their business’ values and goals. However, change is a fact of life, and these parties often find themselves at odds over participation and control issues.

If you have invested substantial time, money and energy in a closely held business, only to fall into disagreements with family members or business partners about how the business should be run or how the profits should be distributed, it helps to have an experienced legal advocate on your side.

Lawyer Walter T. Grabowski of Grabowski Law Offices, LLC, helps clients throughout northeastern Pennsylvania resolve disputes over the ownership and control of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other business entities.

Resolving Disputes, Protecting Your Interests

Disputes between business owners can be extremely difficult to resolve to the satisfaction of all parties. Minority owners may feel that their interests are being ignored, while majority owners may feel that minority owners are interfering with their management prerogatives.

Walter Grabowski is an experienced advocate who will be on your side to help you pursue a resolution that protects your financial and personal investments.

These disputes are often called business divorces, because they could very well result in dissolution of the business entity and division of its assets between the parties. We can help you pursue your fair share of the business you have worked to build, guiding you through the processes of dissolution or receivership while protecting your interests.

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Whether you have been unfairly squeezed or frozen out of participation in your business, or a business partner is interfering with your ability to manage and grow your business, experienced lawyer Walter Grabowski can help.

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