When Estate Mismanagement Requires Legal Action

Estate administration is rarely an easy task, but that is no excuse for mismanagement, constant delays or other administration errors. The legal system has ways to hold executors and administrators accountable for their work. Our attorneys help take the emotional burden off your shoulders and give you practical and prudent legal advice for your issues.

The attorneys at Grabowski Law Offices, LLC, help resolve estate administration disputes for families and individuals in the Wilkes-Barre area. We understand how important it is that estates be administered in an appropriate and timely manner. We have the experience and the tenacity to represent you in these often complex and emotionally taxing cases.

When Is Legal Intervention Necessary?

Our lawyers understand your frustrations. Estate management can be an exasperatingly long process, especially when the stakes are high. Common issues that may require estate administration disputes include:

  • Failure to maintain property throughout administration proceedings
  • Misappropriation or miscounting of estate funds such as investments or savings
  • Failure to execute an estate in a timely manner

As our firm reviews your case, we help you determine an appropriate course of action. We are skilled negotiators and litigators. When possible, our attorneys will negotiate on your behalf. When necessary, we provide you with strong advocacy in court and can help you achieve goals like expedient administration or the removal of an incapable administrator.

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