We Hold Trustees Responsible For Fulfilling Their Fiduciary Duties

When someone is named as a trustee for an estate, that individual is granted substantial control over the property of the person who created the trust. They are also vested with a great deal of responsibility. As the fiduciary of an estate, a trustee can be held responsible for reckless or inappropriate conduct.

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What Is Fiduciary Misconduct?

Fiduciary is the legal term for someone who is responsible for the maintenance and administration of property or funds. In this case, a trustee has a fiduciary responsibility to administer a trust in the manner that the decedent outlined and to act in the best interest of the trust whenever possible. Unfortunately, not every trustee is trustworthy.

Violations of fiduciary duty come in many forms, but common examples include:

  • Careless investment of money or property in the trust
  • Combining personal funds with property or investments held by the trust
  • Misrepresenting the wishes of the person who created the trust, or failing to execute the person’s wishes in a timely and compliant manner
  • Inappropriately allocating funds in such a way as to benefit the trustee, either directly or through businesses in which the trustee has an interest

In the case of fiduciary misconduct, you may choose to employ legal remedies. These can range from removing the trustee to collecting fines and damages for the misconduct. At Grabowski Law Offices, LLC, we help you settle trustee conflicts efficiently and maintain as much of your trust’s value and integrity as possible.

Justice Is Possible

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