Restraint of trade in business disputes

On Behalf of | May 30, 2022 | Business Disputes |

Many business owners may feel that the secret to achieving success might involve having the freedom to pursue opportunities for growth without limitations or disruptions. Issues that limit or restrain options may create various challenges. Restraint of trade continues to be a common source of business disputes and knowing one’s rights and options when facing similar issues could prove vital to safeguarding the future of a company in Pennsylvania.  

Sources of restraint 

Studies indicate that there are two common issues that could lead to a restraint of trade. One such case may involve the presence of terms within a contract which may influence one’s ability to conduct trade, such as noncompete agreements. The terms of such agreements could restrict one’s options for certain time periods or affect one’s ability to operate within a certain field or a specific geographical range. 

The second area in which restraint of trade might be an issue could pertain to government regulations. Those who experience similar challenges may find it helpful to review these regulations to determine whether restraints might be in violation of their legal rights. Those who feel that a violation of their rights has diminished their opportunities may find it vital to seek insight on their available legal avenues and the steps to take to protect their interests. 

Seeking advice on one’s rights 

Restraint of trade can occur under various scenarios and similar types of business disputes could take a devastating toll on the future of a company. When such issues arise, companies in Pennsylvania might consider speaking with an attorney for advice on their legal rights and available options. An attorney can evaluate the situation a client is facing, provide insight on what to expect from the process and assist in developing a plan with which to safeguard the rights and interests of the endeavor.