What might constitute as unfair competition?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2021 | Business Disputes |

With high levels of competition in various fields of operation, entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania and across the nation may constantly be in search of ways to stand out in the crowd. While there are a variety of measures companies might deploy under similar circumstances, some tactics might prove unlawful and lead to allegations of unfair competition. Understanding what might constitute as unfair competition could prove integral to preparing to protect one’s interests and knowing the steps to take should allegations of such behavior arise. 

Types of unfair competition 

According to experts, examples of unfair business practices come in numerous forms. One such example could include false advertising practices, as misleading or inaccurate advertisements could hold a significant influence over consumers. Using another company’s trade secrets without approval could also constitute unfair and unlawful tactics that may act to give a company an unfair advantage. 

Experts also indicate that strategies such as bait and switch tactics could also fall under unfair practices. In some cases, tactics that lead to the sale of products at prices that fall below current market rates may also provide unfair advantages. Reports also indicate that another common concern may pertain to the spreading of false and malignant rumors about competitors, as such information could bring about dire repercussions. 

When allegations arise 

When allegations of unfair competition arise, business owners in Pennsylvania may wish to seek insight on how best to approach the situation. Those who face similar concerns could consider consulting with an experienced attorney for advice on their legal rights and available options. An attorney can provide a client with insight in making informed choices about the situation and in preparing to protect the future of his or her business interests through the proper outlets.