Former MLB superstar faces uphill battle in business dispute

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Business Disputes |

Legal professionals in Pennsylvania and other parts of the country are talking about a ruling from a court judge that could hamper business plans by former Major League Baseball standout Alex Rodriquez. The case was filed in Florida.

The ruling comes as part of a process that began for the three-time MLB MVP more than five years ago. It started with a lawsuit filed against Rodriquez by the younger brother of his ex-wife. The allegations in the lawsuit include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment. The conflict stems from the Alex Constantine Real Estate Investments agency started in 2003.

The ex-brother-in-law explains in the lawsuit that he was entitled to a percentage of all profits from real estate sales. The plaintiff says that when Rodriquez began the divorce process with his sister, the relationship between the business partners soured. The plaintiff says he was forced out of the company he helped to start not long after Rodriquez’s marriage to his sister dissolved.

The ruling by the judge is damaging to Rodriquez’s efforts to fight off the lawsuit filed against him. The judgment may also derail the plans of the ex-baseball star to acquire part ownership in the New York Mets. The court judge found that Rodriquez provided false information to the IRS that misrepresented the partnership income received by the plaintiff. The court also found that the action taken by Rodriquez played a direct role in the IRS levying penalties and liens against the defendant.

Business disputes often involve complex areas of the law that can become difficult for one or more parties in the conflict to navigate. Individuals facing a disagreement with a business partner they are unable to solve on their own may find support for their position by speaking with an experienced attorney.