Contract litigation and disputes can be complicated

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Business Disputes |

When there are business disagreements in Pennsylvania, those involved may want to pursue litigation. These cases can be complicated. For those who are concerned about how a specific case may proceed, it could be beneficial to pay attention to high-profile cases involving prominent business owners to gauge it in the context of their own circumstances.

In a case involving music mogul Quincy Jones, a jury award of $9.4 million from the estate of the late pop icon Michael Jackson was overturned. Mr. Jones had been given the award for royalties and fees because songs he produced were used in a film and two shows. However, on appeal, it was found that the jury misinterpreted the contract.

The appeals court removed $6.9 million from the award due to the jury mistakenly granting Jones various fees that surpassed the royalty amount of 10% he was entitled to. He still received $2.5 million. A counter-appeal alleging financial elder abuse was also rejected. Jones had produced Michael Jackson’s albums from the late 1970s through the 1980s. When he filed the lawsuit, he asked for $30 million. Jones responded to accusations that he was suing the deceased pop star by asserting that he was suing those in charge of the estate, not Jackson, who died in 2013.

Although this case may be difficult to relate to given the fame and fortune of those involved, there are parallels in many cases of contract litigation and disputes. Whether it is a shareholder and partnership disagreement, real estate case, contract breach or business tort, legal advice may be critical to come to a resolution. This might be achieved through negotiation or by going to court. A law firm experienced in business cases may be able to help.