Project delays could create intense conflict

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2023 | Business Disputes |

Prior to initiating operations on a new project, the parties involved may wish to set terms on a variety of vital topics, including a detailed schedule and projected completion date. Anything that disrupts project schedules could lead to costly delays that might take a significant toll on all parties involved. Project delays continue to be a leading cause of construction disputes and companies in Pennsylvania may have questions about what they can to do help reduce the risks of such issues. 

Knowing the causes 

Knowing some of the most prevalent causes of construction delays may be integral to creating a strategy to help protect against similar concerns. Studies indicate that many project delays stem from financial challenges, such as lack of funding or improper financial planning. Delays may also arise when there is a shortage of materials and running out of materials before tasks are complete could prompt costly repercussions. 

Issues that exist in the blueprints and drawings of a project can also create a variety of concerns. This could affect the integrity of the project or prompt a need to revisit original plans and make adjustments, which can disrupt project schedules significantly. Compliance remains a relevant factor with many construction projects and issues of this nature could also impact project timelines.  

Disputes over project delays 

No matter how it happens, the presence of delays can place significant strain on all parties involved and increase the likelihood of intense construction disputes. Companies in Pennsylvania that encounter such conflict might wish to take every possible step to protect their endeavors, but they might need guidance in achieving such goals. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can examine the situation a company is facing, provide insight on every available option, and assist in preparing a strategy to seek a resolution that best aligns with the company’s interests.