How can you effectively resolve a boundary dispute?

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When you buy a piece of property or move into a new home, you assume that you know where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins. Sometimes, this delineation is clear, perhaps because of a fence line, driveway, hedges or other boundary line markers. It is not always the case, however, and there can be times when there are questions regarding the exact location of a boundary line. These questions can eventually degrade into a full-blown dispute.

If you find yourself in a boundary dispute with the neighboring property owner, you know this can affect your use and enjoyment of your own property. It is in your interests to determine how you can shield your interests and seek an end to the dispute in the form of a reasonable and sustainable resolution. You have the right to fight for your property interests and the ability to use your property without encroachment or unreasonable intrusion.

Possible outcome to a boundary dispute

There are several different outcomes you may pursue when navigating a boundary-line dispute. The best approach will depend on the details of your individual situation and your ability to seek a resolution out of court. For example, if you and the neighboring property owner are able to reach a conclusion to your ongoing boundary line disputes on your own, you will be able to avoid the time and expense associated with litigation. However, that may not be possible, and you could find yourself in a position in which legal action is necessary.

A relatively simple way to resolve a boundary line dispute is to have a survey of the property done. This can quickly provide clarity to two disputing parties. If this is not an option or is not sufficient, you may pursue a quiet title lawsuit, in which you will present evidence and documentation to a judge, and he or she will make the final decision on the location of the boundary line.

Your property rights defended

A boundary line dispute is much more than an inconvenience. This represents the possibility of ongoing issues with a Pennsylvania neighbor, and an impediment to your privacy or intended use of your property. You may find it helpful to seek an understanding of your legal options and the way you can seek an outcome that will allow both parties to move forward and use their properties in peace.