Encroachment in real estate disputes

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There are various types of issues that can arise when seeking to purchase or sale almost any type of property. Disputes over property lines remain one of the most common causes of dispute in the real estate industry and the presence of such issues can disrupt one’s real estate endeavors. Encroachment is a type of issue that plays a role in many real estate disputes and individuals in Pennsylvania who face similar challenges may have questions about how best to safeguard their interests. 

Property line disputes 

In real estate, the term encroachment refers to a situation in which one’s neighbor builds a structure that is close to or extends onto a person’s property. While this item can be a physical structure, the most common type of encroachment may pertain to a road or driveway. Sometimes this path may be the only way to reach the other property and even if it is necessary for access, its presence may still lead to various concerns. 

Trees are another example of an object that may constitute an encroachment, whether in a physical nature or simply by leading to aesthetic changes. Those who face similar issues may feel that talking to the other party and discussing the matter may be all that is necessary, but this conversation might not always end as planned. Sometimes there may also be conflict over defining property lines. While surveying one’s property may be helpful, it might not solve the problem. 

The options 

Dealing with real estate disputes involving issues such as encroachments can be a stressful process and resolving similar disputes can be challenging at times. When facing a similar situation, a person could consider retaining the services of an attorney in Pennsylvania for advice in addressing his or her rights and available options. An attorney can work with a client in preparing to seek an acceptable resolution via the appropriate paths and assist in navigating every step of the process.