Sources of cost overrun in construction projects

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Companies in Pennsylvania and elsewhere that operate in the field of construction may take part in numerous projects every year, and each of these projects may present unique challenges and demands. One of the most common challenges in construction may involve staving off the risks of cost overrun, as similar issues continue to be a leading cause of conflict in this field. Studies indicate that there are a variety of concerns that may lead to cost overrun and construction disputes regarding such matters can be intense in nature.

Possible concerns

According to studies, one of the most common sources of cost overrun pertains to issues with the scope of a project. Changes in the scope of a project may be common in this field and similar concerns could impact project schedules and prompt a need for additional resources. Lack of proper planning can also lead to inaccurate estimates of materials required to perform each task and the time allotted to finish a project, and such issues could prove costly in nature.

There may also be a greater risk of cost overrun should errors exist in the design or blueprints of a project, as this could lead to costly delays and prompt a need to revisit and revise initial project plans. Lack of communication and issues with cooperation are two more examples of concerns that may lead to errors and delays that might only drive project costs up. Studies also indicate that cost overrun may stem from a need to repair or replace materials should those performing job tasks make mistakes or miscalculations.

Cost overrun disputes

Project cost overrun is a type of issue that could place a significant financial strain on all parties involved and similar issues may lead to intense construction disputes. Companies in Pennsylvania that encounter such concerns and remain uncertain of the best course of action to take might consider speaking with an experienced attorney for advice in evaluating their options. An attorney can help address the situation a client is facing and assist in developing a strategy with which to safeguard the company’s interests via the appropriate methods.