Common real estate disputes among neighbors

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While there may be many individuals who have healthy relationships with those who live next door, this might not always be the case in every situation. There are various scenarios in which tension may exist among neighbors and the presence of intense conflict may take a significant toll on the parties involved. Real estate disputes between neighbors in Pennsylvania can take on numerous forms and knowing one’s rights in this regard may be integral to protecting one’s interests.

Sources of dispute

According to studies, disputes over property lines remain a common source of unrest among neighbors, and taking steps to clearly define these boundaries may be beneficial in various ways. Neighbor disputes may also stem from conflict over fencing issues and such topics can be hotly contested matters. Another common cause of unrest among neighbors could pertain to privacy concerns and allegations of invasion of privacy could act to create a hostile environment.

Experts also indicate that noise-related complaints can come in many forms and continue to be a leading cause of neighbor disputes. In some cases, conflict may also arise from disagreements over issues such as vehicle parking or the upkeep of properties. Trees or bushes that encroach onto a neighbor’s property is another example of an issue that could lead to conflict among neighbors.

Neighbor disputes

Regardless of how it happens, real estate disputes among neighbors can lead to high levels of conflict that may take a significant toll on everyone. Individuals in Pennsylvania who encounter such issues and remain uncertain of how best to handle the situation might consider consulting with legal counsel for advice prior to choosing a path. An attorney can examine the situation a client is facing, provide insight into his or her legal rights and available options, and assist in pursuing an acceptable resolution via the appropriate methods.