Taking steps to protect against estate fraud

On Behalf of | May 15, 2022 | Estate Fraud |

There could be a multitude of factors to consider when preparing to manage the affairs of a loved one. Those who wish to protect this party’s preferences and wishes might not want to overlook anything that might prove detrimental to this task. Individuals in Pennsylvania who face a similar scenario may benefit from seeking insight on ways to detect the possible presence of estate fraud and on the next steps to take to help protect against similar issues. 

Detecting fraud 

Taking steps to detect the possible presence of estate fraud could prove vital to protecting the interests of everyone involved. Some signs that might indicate unlawful activity or undue influence could include sudden changes to the terms of a will right before the passing of a loved one. Additional red flags could involve scenarios in which an immediate family member is left out of a will for no reason or a situation in which the party that benefits the most is not a family member. 

One may also become suspicious of unlawful behavior should it appear that the owner of the estate chose to give away a significant portion of the estate’s wealth just before death. Fraud may also be suspected should it become difficult to locate certain estate assets. Similar signs might point to the possibility that another party has taken actions to unlawfully modify the estate management process and addressing such issues could prove vital to preventing a potentially devastating outcome. 

Addressing fraud 

While addressing estate fraud could play an integral role in safeguarding the wishes and preferences of all parties involved, it can also be somewhat complex in nature. Fortunately, one might not necessarily have to handle such issues alone, as there are attorneys in Pennsylvania who can provide much needed guidance on how best to approach the process. Such advice may prove vital to helping a person identify the presence of unlawful behavior and prepare to take the necessary steps to safeguard his or her interests through the proper channels.