Contract errors could lead to construction disputes

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Real Estate Disputes |

There could be a multitude of factors to address when negotiating a contract for a new construction project. Companies in Pennsylvania may find that being thorough when drafting such contacts could prove vital, as any errors might increase the risks of future disputes. While knowing some common errors to avoid could help stave off similar concerns, knowing how best to proceed should construction disputes arise may also prove imperative. 

Experts indicate that contract-related disputes can arise under various circumstances in the construction industry. Some common examples of errors that may increase the risks of conflict could include: 

  • Presence of inaccuracies:  With construction contracts, the presence of inaccurate information may only cause confusion and could prompt intense disputes should issues arise. 
  • Missing clauses:  There may be numerous types of clauses to include in such contracts and failing to cover certain contingencies in a contract could prompt various concerns. 
  • Confusing language:  Confusing terms regarding payment structures for a project could also create financial unrest among all parties involved. 
  • Liability concerns:  Failing to clearly define job-related issues such as responsibilities and project risk allocation could also act to increase the likelihood of conflict 

Failing to address vital topics such as change provisions could also increase the chances of disputes and such conflict can take a significant toll on operations and the financial well-being of all parties involved. 

Construction disputes can be hotly contested matters, as all parties involved in the situation might have a great deal at stake. Those who encounter such a scenario and wish to seek guidance on how best to approach the situation could benefit from retaining the services of an experienced attorney prior to choosing a path forward. In doing so, a person in Pennsylvania could obtain much needed advice on all the available options with which to seek an acceptable resolution and assistance in preparing to protect his or her interests through the appropriate channels.