What is a partial breach of contract?

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When most people in Pennsylvania talk about a breach of contract, they’re talking about a full breach. However, it’s possible to commit a partial breach of contract by meeting some of the demands but not completing the others. Either way, a partial breach of contract can lead to legal disputes.

What is a partial breach of contract?

A partial breach occurs when you fail to meet all the contract’s demands. You can complete 90% of the work that you agreed to complete, but if you don’t complete that last 10% according to the contract’s specifications, that can be considered a partial breach of contract. As a result, it might lead to contract litigation.

When the matter is brought to court, a judge might rule that the party who breached the contract has to compensate the other party in some way. This might involve paying back part of the money that they paid for the services. A partial breach of contract can involve major business disputes, but it can also involve a small, short-term agreement between a small business and a customer. Either way, the court will take the issue seriously no matter how much money is involved.

Should you seek legal assistance when signing a contract?

If you’re being asked to sign a contract, you might want to hire an attorney first. An attorney could review the contract and let you know about any issues that might arise. Counsel could also warn you against signing a contract if the deal seems questionable. In the event that you become involved on a contract dispute, your attorney could represent you in court or in settlement negotiations.