Homeowner complaint filed against real estate developer

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Construction Defects, Real Estate Disputes |

For one Pennsylvania man, the joy he felt at becoming a first-time homeowner turned to frustration as he experienced a continuous set of problems with his new home. The first sign of trouble happened about two weeks after claiming ownership when the man returned home after a day of work to find his gas and lights were off.

The homeowner learned he did not possess a registered electric meter, and his connection was illegal. He contacted the developer, who was adamant that the problems had nothing to do with construction defects and must be due to some action on the part of the homeowner.

As time went on, the homeowner began to notice that a lot more was wrong with his dream house than the problems with the electrical connection. The list of problems included an air conditioner that only worked in some rooms, water making its way into the home during heavy rains, and other leaks in various locations throughout the house.

The homeowner called the developer again. This time, the developer promised to help repair the problems. However, the promised help never made its way to the homeowner.

The developer says he intended to make the repairs to the home but decided not to continue with the repairs after the homeowner called the police on a subcontractor working for the developer. The developer also says other instances took place in which the homeowner proved difficult to work with or demonstrated signs of disrespect.

The homeowner says that after conducting a little research on the matter, he learned that previous customers lodged several complaints against the same developer in recent years. The homeowner contacted the mayor and city council about the problem. The homeowner says he is disappointed with the fact that no one seems to be willing to hold the developer accountable for his actions.

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