Construction defects and litigation

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Buying a home is an exciting and exhilarating time. But even when it comes to new construction, homeowners need to be aware that construction defects can cause very serious problems. Negligence and defects can negatively affect the value of a home, and they can also sometimes push people out of homes. Anyone buying a home in Pennsylvania understands that there’s a limited time to file claims for construction defects.

Typically, construction defects result from negligence on the part of a manufacturer or due to improper installation. For homeowners, construction defects cases can be difficult cases to pursue, but when there are problems with construction or the materials used for construction, it may be possible to recover damages. It might be beneficial to get an experienced lawyer involved in these cases.

Common construction defects cases can involve roof construction. There can be a couple of different problems related to roofing. Some roofs are not sealed properly, and in other cases, they’re not supported. Either problem can mean big trouble for homeowners. Leaks affect the integrity of an entire structure, and an unsupported roof can cave in.

Another common flaw is trapped moisture. If a house doesn’t have proper ventilation and air circulation, toxic mold can form. This is one of the easiest problems to prevent and one of the most expensive to fix. Mold attacks the respiratory system; coughing, sneezing and chronic fatigue syndrome have all been linked to black mold. The effects can even force people to leave their homes.

There are time limits for lawsuits related to construction defects. Whether related to warranties or negligence, the clock is always ticking on construction litigation and disputes, so it may be important to get an experienced lawyer involved in these cases sooner rather than later.